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Totally Transparent Portal, the original mail tracking system meticulously crafted by our in-house developers and launched in autumn 2022.

This powerful platform transcends conventional mail tracking by seamlessly integrating our advanced transparency system with the Mailmark direct data.


Beyond mere deciphering data, our portal empowers users to not only effortlessly view materials and sign off on projects but to harness the unparalleled capabilities of complete transparent mail tracking.

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Complete visibility and more.

Seamlessly connected to carrier systems and Royal Mail's machine infrastructure, our portal ensures precision tracking at crucial stages. From the moment your project is processed on our machines with live data up to "Production Completed", through to "Mail Collected" by the carrier, "Mail Received" by the carrier, and the critical "Handed Over" to Royal Mail. Every stage is meticulously monitored.

The system recognises "Mailmark Processing" scanning by Royal Mail machines, providing comprehensive insights into your mail's journey like never before. Our portal redefines transparency in mail tracking, offering users unparalleled visibility and control at every stage of the delivery process.

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Your Window into Live Mapping for Mail Drops Across the UK

The Totally Transparent Portal opens a whole new dimension for customers, offering live mapping that goes beyond just tracking mail drops across the UK. With its unique features, including a handy postcode search, it's more than a tracking tool—it's a window into the journey of your mail.

This innovative platform enables you not only to see but to actively monitor and confirm delivery, especially beneficial when checking on specific mail packs like seeds.

Now, ensuring your seeds have landed exactly where intended becomes a breeze, thanks to this invaluable live mapping resource.

Monitor Performance Across
All Royal Mail IMC's

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Customers now have unprecedented access to monitoring the performance of each of the 37 Royal Mail Inbound Mail Centres scattered across the UK.

The feature empowers users to delve into the operational efficiency and effectiveness of each centre, providing insights that enhance decision-making and logistical strategies.

With this level of oversight, businesses can make informed choices, optimise their processes, and ensure swift and reliable delivery, tailored to their specific needs.

Detailed Analysis at Every Mailing Stage

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A game-changer that ensures full visibility and control.

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4K Imagery

Our cutting-edge 4K imaging technology takes a photo of every item produced on our machines live. 

This helps us stay on top of quality and ensures each mail piece is produced with the utmost care and precision. 

Real-time Dispatch Notifications & Daily Mailmark Updates

Now, guests can stay in the loop with real-time dispatch notifications and daily Mailmark processing updates!

Our platform offers convenient guest access, providing instant notifications about key dispatches and regular updates on Mailmark processing.

Stay informed and connected, even as a guest, ensuring you're always in sync with the latest mail operations and deliveries.

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Totally Transparent Benefits

Store Planning

We can provide reports for areas landing around stores.

  •  e.g 18,432 packs dropping within 30 minute drivetime of Derby store

  • e.g 22,132 packs dropping in NG1 Postcode area today

Call Centre Planning

Just because a 100k mailing has been released does not mean all call centre staff are needed on standby.

We can tell you exactly which day the mail will be dropping enabling more efficient staff planning.

"On the day" Electronic Marketing

Communicate electronically to your client base on the day their pack is on the way to aimplify & reinforce  your messege

Sales Revenue Planning

Plan budgets against actual mail dropping dates.

Even more to the portal

Easily sign off project milestones, access a visual library of materials for precise references, and take charge with live stock control.

Simple, fast sign off 

Material Images

Live Stock Control

All this information free for  customers using The Mailshop postage solution.

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