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Deliveries Portal

Fast, Efficient

Our Deliveries Portal, is a self-serve online platform that revolutionises the way all our deliveries are managed.

Offering complete transparency, the portal streamlines the process of booking deliveries, eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork.

With a fully electronic interface, the era of physical documents is behind us.

Upon the arrival and acceptance of a delivery at our warehouse, the system seamlessly generates an E-delivery note, marking another step towards efficiency.

Seamlessly integrated with our transparent system, any changes made are reflected instantly in real-time and visible via the deliveries portal for suppliers & our powerful portal for customers.

The delivery procedure is simple.




Request your booking. 

We will then swiftly process this  against pre-approved customer schedules.




Once checked, we then send prompt booking confirmation.




As the delivery date approaches, the finalisation phase requires accurate quantities of each pallet contents.




Upon successful delivery and acceptance, the system will promptly issues an electronic delivery note.

This technology investment culminates in a unified gateway for all Mailshop deliveries.

The intelligently designed portal permits users to effortlessly book, modify, or cancel deliveries, all in a streamlined transparent way.


Need Assistance ?

Watch our video on how to use the poral or download the PDF user guide.

Delivery Specification

Precision is paramount. Every delivery is contingent upon meeting The Mailshop's meticulous delivery specifications, a strategic framework engineered to optimise efficiency and minimise waste.

This comprehensive protocol was carefully crafted to harmonise processes and curtail excess.

Embracing the Just in Time (JIT) methodology, all incoming deliveries adhere to a meticulous confirmation process.

This approach guarantees that our facility houses only the exact material needed precisely when it's needed,

removing the necessity for frequent stock relocations.


We have the health & safety of all suppliers, customers and employees at the heart of our operation.

For this reason we ask that all delivery drivers ensure they wear a high visibility vest while on our site and also report to the warehouse as sign posted when entering the site prior to pulling the vehicle in to the yard.

Drivers are only permitted to leave their vehicle when preparing for unloading/loading, all other times they must remain inside the vehicle.

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