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 Data Solutions 

Smart Secure

We prioritise the security and accuracy of your data by offering comprehensive data processing solutions.

From streamlining mailing lists through simple data sorting to tackling intricate data cleansing, our expert team ensures that your information remains confidential and error-free throughout the process.

Whether it's addressing accuracy, duplicate removal, or personalisation, our data processing team will ensure that your direct mail campaigns are well-organised, resulting in higher engagement and better outcomes.

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is a vital component of our services at The Mailshop, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of your mailing lists.

We meticulously refine customer data by utilising trusted resources like the Royal Mail Address File (PAF) to verify and update addresses.

We also tackle Goneaways, removing addresses that are no longer valid, and adhere to recipient preferences with the Mailing Preference Service (MPS) for compliance and respect. By eliminating duplicates, we optimise resources while cross-referencing with the National Deceased Register.

Our commitment to data cleansing guarantees that direct mail campaigns are not only efficient but also respectful and relevant, resulting in improved deliverability and customer satisfaction.

Data Cleansing Sources Explained:

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